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Pet Grooming

At Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, our Portland vet and the rest of our team is committed to your pet's health and wellness. From routine wellness exams and vaccinations to surgeries and emergency care, we're here to provide the highest standard of care to each pet that comes through our doors. 

In addition to our veterinary and medical services, we're also proud to provide quality grooming services here in our office.


The Importance of Grooming

There is no denying the importance of keeping your pet properly groomed. Even if you have a cat who appears to groom him or herself plenty, occasional grooming by a professional may still be needed. Furthermore, grooming is especially important for long-haired pets, such as certain breeds of dogs and cats. Without regular grooming and occasional trims, your long-haired pet's fur could become easily clumped or matted, which can be an extremely painful experience for your furry friend.

In addition to bathing, brushing, and trimming, your pet may also require occasional grooming services like anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

Our Grooming Services

At Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, our experienced professionals are happy to provide all the grooming services your pet needs. For starters, we recommend regular bathing and trims for pets with longer fur. This is a great way to keep fur clean and free of debris that could otherwise make your pet more prone to flea and tick problems. Furthermore, we recommend regular nail trims here in our office to keep your pet's nails from becoming a risk to you, other pets in your home, or your furniture! Nail trims should generally be done by a professional groomer, as our groomers are trained to know the proper place to cut a nail without hitting the quick, which can otherwise cause pain and bleeding.

In some cases, anal gland expression is another service that may be recommended by our groomers. Specifically, if your dog has been seen dragging his or her rear end across the floor, this is a sign that your pet is in need of this service. Over time, secretions can build up within the anal glands that can lead to irritation, itching, and other discomforts. A quick anal gland expression as part of your pet's usual grooming services can help to provide relief.

In addition to anal gland expression, we can also provide ear cleaning services here in our office. This is recommended for pets with build-up within the ears that could lead to discomfort or other ear problems over time. When your pet has grooming services done in our office, you can always rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Request an Appointment With Our Portland Veterinarian

If your pet is due for a grooming appointment, our Portland veterinarian and grooming team are here to help! Give Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic a call today at 503-419-4230 to schedule your pet's appointment with us.